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Paul wuchs in der französischen Region Elsass auf, einem geschichtsträchtigen Ort, der für seinen starken deutschen Einfluss bekannt ist. Er nutzt diese Dualität auf professioneller Ebene. In den letzten 25 Jahren hat er im Auftrag deutscher, französischer und österreichischer Unternehmen verschiedene leitende Funktionen in den Bereichen Tourismus, Transport, Luftfahrt und Grundstoffindustrie ausgeübt.

As director of operations, Paul was the critical link between production, customers and the sales direction. Optimizing workflow while constantly improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction rates are Paul's second nature. A proven leader focused on growth-first, he brings a strong track record of sales growth and new channel development to UNIQORN, along with contacts hailing from China to Russia, and from South Africa to Europe.

Paul has a knack for breaking the ice and building relationships that last a lifetime. As a quadrilingual international executive, Paul spends most of his time at international trade fairs developing new trade channels and identifying value-added partners for the UNIQORN ecosystem. Open minded with a people-first attitude, his primary career objective is to assist people and teams in reaching their objectives. He acts like a catalyst and instills a heavy dose of humanity back into business.